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Trough Tray Assembly


   Trough Tray Assembly or       "Armtrough"
To meet the particular needs of patients with one- sided weakness or paralysis, Innovators offer the unique Armtrough alternative. Designed to cradle the affected arm in a comfortable position, this product product provides superior comfort, versatility and support compared to conventional wheelchair armrests. 
        Key Features:
  • Padded for comfort
  • Entirely adjustable for fit and easy release
  • Enables a range of positions for affected limb
  • Built with lateral for trunk support and to block elbow medially
  • Option of a hand block for ideal hand and finger position
S139 - Trough Tray Assembly

The Trough Tray Assembly is a Trough Tray with an Extended Lateral, Extended Curved Elbow Stop and a slide-on/flip-up attachment.  All comes pre-assembled.

Information we need from you when ordering the Trough Tray Assembly:
  • Is it for the client’s Left or Right side?
Information often requested on the Trough Tray Assembly:
  • This tray includes slide-on flip-up bracket, Extended Lateral, and Extended curved elbow stop. If you would prefer a bolt-on flip-up attachment instead of the standard Slide-on, please indicate this when ordering (no extra cost).
Customizations frequently requested on the Trough Tray Assembly:
  • Any customization to the Trough Tray Assembly makes it a (Custom Trough Tray S100), all the assessories have to be ordered separately  There is no (Custom Trough Tray Assemly) only a Custon Trough Tray.
  • When Elasto-Gel is added to this product, the product becomes Custom and you must use the custom product code for the Trough Tray (S100)as well as the appropriate gel insert product code(S125). Please let us know if you would like soft cloth or vinyl over the gel.
  • Many customizations are available but we request that either a diagram with complete dimensions is faxed to us or that a template is sent to us.
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