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Seating and Positioning Accessories for Wheelchairs

Padded Tray

    S069  Padded Tray

  Padded Tray
    Key Features:
  • One size only. (fits chairs with 15" - 19" widths)
  • Attaches with straps only
  • No T-nuts for accessories
  • Padded for comfort & pressure relief
  • No customizations

Information we need from you when ordering the Padded Tray:
  • Padded trays are one size only therefore, we don’t need information so much as confirmation that the Padded Tray is actually what you want (please see “Information often requested” below). Most people want the Lateral Support tray, which is also padded.
Information often requested on the Padded Tray:
  • Available with Straps Only
  • Available in 16/18”width only (will fit wheelchair widths from 15" – 19")
  • There are no extra T-Nuts in the Padded Tray (only the ones used to accommodate the straps) therefore, no accessories may be added
Customizations frequently requested on the Padded Tray:
  • There is no Customization available on this item. (See Lateral Support Tray to Customize a Tray).

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