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Seating and Positioning Accessories for Wheelchairs


    Contoured Headrest (Standard)

   Key Features:
Contoured to diminish pressure points          and give lateral support.
Accommodates Otto Bock adjustable  hardware 
Can be customized for: Height, Size and Attaching Hardware. 
    Unilateral Headrest

   Key Features:
Same features as Contoured Headrest
Slightly curved back with lateral support to the left or right.
    Soft Lateral Headrest

   Key Features:
Same features as Contoured Headrest
Specially adapted to accommodate an
 individual who needs reminding to keep
head erect.  
( The lateral gives as pressure is p
on it giving enough feeling of insecurity to cause
them to move away from it.)

To Order Headrests: 

S160 - Contoured Headrest (Standard)
S161 - Unilateral Headrest
S162 - Soft Lateral Headrest
S168 - Headrest (one of above) with Sunmate Foam 
S169 - Headrest Custom

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