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Extended Arm Pads


   S065 - Extended Armpad
   S081 - Extended Armpad Custom
   S070 - Extended Armpad  
               Desk Length  

  Extended Armpad

   Key features:            

Replaces existing Armpad
• Provides increased support and stability
• Includes hardware to attach elbow stops
• Standard padding is foam
• More padding than standard Armpads 
• Choice of coverings: a) vinyl b) lycra  c) Soft Brushed Nylon
 *Note: All extended Armpads have T-nuts               down the outside to accommodate
            accessories (elbow stops all sizes)

S052 -Extended Armpad/Bolster
           Combo (1 piece.)
S053 -Extended Armpad/Bolster
           Combo (1 piece.) Custom

S067 -Extended Armpad (soft edge)
S068 -Extended Armpad (soft edge)
  Extended Armpad Soft Edge
  Extended Armpad/Bolster Combo

   Key Features:
Soft edge increases comfort
• Combo: combines features of extended
   armpad & hip bolster
• Decreases removable (lose-able) parts

Further Details for Footboxes / Soft Foot Cradles 

Information we need from you when ordering:
  • Tell us how wide the wheelchair is.
Information often requested:
  • Our standard dimensions for the Footboxes are 7” Height x 11” Depth and width determined by wheelchair size. 
  • Our standard dimensions for the Soft Foot Cradles are 17" Height x 10” Depth and approx 2" narrower than seat width, (ordered by wheelchair width).
  • Any measurements other than these will be Custom.
  • The Footboxes are covered in vinyl in the back and soft cloth in the front, any alterations to this is custom.
Customizations frequently requested on Footboxes/Soft Foot Cradle:
  • When Gel is added to this product, the product becomes Custom. You must use the custom product code for the Footbox or Soft Foot Cradle as well as the appropriate gel insert product code. Please indicate whether you would like soft cloth or vinyl over the gel.
  • Varying dimensions (Maximum height on footbox is 12")
  • To have the Footbox entirely covered in vinyl.

Armrest Wallet Soft Zipper Bag

S178 - Armrest Wallet
     Armrest Wallet Soft Zipper Bag

    Key Features:           
  • Rigid attachment to armrest panel
  • Easy to secure in place
  • Zips open and shut with ease
  • Prevents loss
  • Added pockets for easy access
  • Convenient
  • Unobtrusive
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